Player Registration Total Global Sports (TGS)


TGS Parent Portal Start Guide To Registration

How a parent gets up and Running QUICK GUIDE:

Register to a program Instructions

  • Login to the parent account - 
  • Select my Children
  • Select player’s name
  • Select Registration
  • Enter Code - (This is a specific team code provided by the club for Club Registration or an Event specific code for tournament registration)
  • Complete the registration and pay online.




Step 1: Create A TGS Parent Account: 

Click on the link

Fill out all required information. Once the information has been submitted and the account is created the system will then ask you to login to your account that you just created. When you Login please select the Parent Portal.

IMPORTANT: A parent can NOT share the same email as a player in the TGS system. This is due to the connection with the player to colleges and how the messaging works.

** If your child is currently using your email address we recommend that you log in to your player’s account and change their email address to their own personal email address or use an alternative email address for yourself. To log into your child's account please use this link 


Parent Help link -

If you need any additional help we have our support team standing by. We know this is a new system and there will be a learning curve.  Please feel free to email and someone will help you right away.