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Match Fit Academy U17 and U18 Commitments to Date

Match Fit Academy Girls Director of Coaching  Dominick Bucci just released an up to date list of College Commitments as of January 25th, 2014 for our Match Fit Academy U17 and U18 Age Groups. There will be many more additions to this list in the upcoming months but the list is impressive.

MFA Girls DOC Dominick Bucci comments, "We are very proud of this commitment list to date and we will have many more players in the U17 age group committing in the next 3 months. We are proud of the training and playing environment we have created here at Match Fit Academy for all of our players.  As you can see from the list, they are getting the best possible exposure to the best schools in the country at every showcase and through league play. We have players going to many tremendous academic institutions to play the game they love.  In the end,  all we want is for each of our players to get into the best school they can and to get the best possible education. The players on this list have worked very hard to get the opportunities they have been given and I am happy to say each and every one is part of the Match Fit Academy family. Our younger players have so many role models to look up to within our club and I am excited to see what the future will bring for them. I also want to thank our Staff Coaches Jordan Raper, John Calcaterra (Match Fit Academy Co-Owner), Mike Poller, Paul Reece, Scott Laulette, and Greg Wieboldt for all of their hard work with our players in these two age groups. "

Match Fit Academy Girls 2013/2014 (U17 & U18) Commitments to Date:

2013's U18's

  • Dani Krachie - American University
  • Ashley Pankey - Kansas University
  • Victoria Pantaleo - Lehigh University
  • Ciara Conley - James Madison University
  • Erica Goldman - The College of New Jersey
  • Meg Larsen - Seton Hall University
  • Jessica Mangiafico - Villanova University **
  • Rachel Manci - Muhlenberg College

2014 U18's

  • Torie Ahde - Rutgers University
  • Dina Sheira - Columbia University
  • Kelsey Burke - Fairfield University
  • Lexi DellaPietro - University of Maryland
  • Laura Dramis - Seton Hall University
  • Rachel Egyed - University of Maryland
  • Lauren Hall - University of Rhode Island
  • Morgan LaDuca - Seton Hall University
  • Rachael Lieberman - University of Rhode Island
  • Amanda Nardella - University of Rhode Island
  • Taylor Palmer - University of Vermont
  • Alyssa Riporti - Lehigh University
  • Bri Robinson - Marist College
  • Mel Sapirman - NJIT
  • Taylor Shannahan - Stonehill College
  • Kelly Wiezerzak - Monmouth University
  • Maddy Snyder - Trinity College
  • Tyler Madison - Montclair State University
  • Ashley Candeletti - George Mason University
  • Marissa Dundas - Iona College
  • Krista Federici - Haverford College
  • Brianna Foster - Duquesne University
  • Otandeka Laki - Florida Southern University
  • Rachael Laulette - Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Alley Maurer - Hartwick College
  • Jeanine Nunez - Adelphi University
  • Alexa Povelaitis - Catholic University
  • Heather Sootkoos - Montclair State University
  • Jessica Schwed - Vassar College
  • Jordan Steffanaci - Gettysburg College
  • Mackenzie Wright - Wagner College
  • Lexi Ackerman - Richard Stockton College
  • Rachel Marino - The College of New Jersey

2014 U17's

  • Samantha Dephino - American University
  • Holly Confalone - Boston College
  • Phallon Tullis-Joyce - University of Miami
  • Annie Monaghan - University of Vermont

2015 U17's

  • Remy Borinsky - Dartmouth
  • Carly Leipzig - Boston College
  • Amanda Carolan - Georgetown University
  • Gabrielle Martone - Lafayette
  • Kayla Jennings - Maryland University
  • Maxine Blackwood - North Carolina State
  • Ashley Hill - Purdue University
  • Alana Cook - Stanford University
  • Julia Ashley - UNC Chapel Hill
  • Casey Garfinkel - University of Vermont
  • Hana Kerner - University of Virginia
  • Lauren Johnson - Lafayette


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