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Flexibility Mobility and Yoga

September-October 2024


Match Fit Academy Shore: Flexibility, Mobility, and Yoga Program

Welcome to the Match Fit Academy Shore Flexibility, Mobility, and Yoga Program, designed specifically for youth soccer athletes. This six-week program features 45-minute sessions tailored to enhance athletic performance through improved flexibility, mobility, and overall body awareness. Each session integrates dynamic breathing techniques to optimize recovery and mental focus.

Duration: 6 Weeks

When: September - October, 2024 

Session Length: 45 Minutes

Location: The Fort - Oceanport 

Days: Weeknight option OR Sunday option 

Focus Areas: Flexibility, Mobility, Yoga, Dynamic Breathing

Cost Per Player: $155.00 

15 athletes per session

Program Highlights

Enhanced Flexibility: Targeted stretches and yoga poses to improve muscle elasticity.

Focus on increasing range of motion in key muscle groups used in soccer, such as hamstrings, hip flexors, and quadriceps.

Improved Mobility: Exercises to enhance joint flexibility and stability.

Techniques to support fluid movement and agility on the field.

Emphasis on preventing injuries through proper movement patterns.

Yoga Integration: Yoga sequences designed to build strength and flexibility.

Poses aimed at improving balance and core stability.

Mindfulness practices to enhance mental clarity and focus during games.

Dynamic Breathing: Breathing techniques to enhance oxygen flow and endurance.

Exercises to promote relaxation and reduce performance anxiety.

Integration of breath control with movement for optimal performance.

Why Join This Program?

  • Performance Boost: Gain a competitive edge with enhanced physical and mental capabilities.

  • Injury Prevention: Reduce the risk of common soccer injuries through improved flexibility and mobility.

  • Holistic Development: Support overall athletic development with a program that addresses both physical and mental aspects of sports performance.

About Your Instructor: Bridget Riepl 

Bridget Riepl is a master RYT and the visionary founder of the NJ Yoga Collective and VibeWell Yoga Festivals. Since 2011, Bridget has been passionately teaching yoga, guiding thousands of individuals at all levels, from beginners experiencing their first downward-facing dog to advanced practitioners aiming to elevate their practice to new heights. Her extensive experience includes working in numerous local studios, opening new studios alongside entrepreneurs and business owners seeking advice from a seasoned professional, and creating specialized group programs tailored for athletes such as runners, golfers, volleyball, and soccer players. 

Bridget has also successfully organized yoga festivals attended by hundreds of enthusiasts, and has hosted fitness and yoga charity events that have raised thousands of dollars and significant awareness for various organizations across Monmouth County. Her dedication to the yoga community and her innovative approach to teaching and event planning have made her a prominent and beloved figure in the world of yoga.


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