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Our staff works together to provide a platform for athletes to learn, develop, grow and compete within the EDP Premier Program.


Interested in joining the MFA Central program. We run open talent ID sessions for those interested throughout the year.


Utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities, our programs are designed to help athletes take their technical and tactical abilities to the next level. Open for MFA athletes and players throughout central NJ.


MFA Central teams compete in the EDP Premier League.

Team Name
Coach Name
League Name
MFA Central Girls 2014 Blue
Vincenzo Verdino & Alexandra Gonzalez
EDP Premier
MFA Central Girls 2013 Blue
Kendra Chisolm
EDP Premier
MFA Central Girls 2012 Blue
Jamie Hendrzak & Jenna Sheedy
EDP Premier
MFA Central Girls 2010 Blue
Nancy Massano & Elizabeth Roper
EDP Premier
MFA Central Girls 2008 Blue
Kendra Chisolm & Alberto Mattos
EDP Premier
MFA Central Girls 2007 Blue
Phillip Iuliano & Eliyahu Felner
EDP Premier
MFA In Action-2.jpg
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