Event List & Blue Sombrero

Boys Tournament Fee Information via Blue Sombrero

Tournament Fees – We are using Blue Sombrero for tournament fees this year. 

Event List: Here is a google doc for each event, teams attending, fee and due date: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-GI6CnR-I7uj5YHqHnb40LKl4mOBUrPj-tE-N_hmtlU/edit#gid=0


Here are your steps to setting up your Blue Sombrero account and making your payments for events.


1. Visit this link to register: http://tshq.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=1753818

**Upper right hand corner is REGISTER


2. Create a new account will appear, please create your account

**If you have previously used Blue Sombrero you must still create a new account


3. You will then enter in Parent information


4. A screen will appear “What best describes you?”

Select “I am a parent or guardian registering a participant”


5. Enter in your child’s information (key is date of birth as you will then receive the correct registration programs available to them)


6. You will then be taken to the available programs for your child. Review the event list to confirm which events your child team is attending and fees are due for. Eventually we will also have supplemental programs showing (i.e. Clinics, Futsal, SAQ programs etc)


7. Register for events


You can then go to your My Account homepage in which you access when you log in moving forward. We will send a note for all tournaments moving forward, log into your account and pay those that your child will be attending (you will not have to register your account again).


NOTE: Each program has an end date to pay. If you do not pay by this date, the ability to do so closes.  Those who do not complete payment cannot attend the event.