Summer Select 2019 (Mercer County)

MFA Summer Select (2019)

Open to any players looking to train and play through the summer months, our 6-week Summer Select program gives you the opportunity to be trained twice a week by our Match Fit Academy staff and play in 3 local tournaments.

Dates: Monday, June 10th– Sunday, July 22nd

Boys Ages: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 & 2005

Girls Ages: 2006, 2005 & 2004

Training Location: Mercer County Community College

Boys Tournaments

PA Classics - June 22-23
Pocono Cup - July 13-14
Central Jersey Invitational - July 20-21

Girls Tournaments

Lehigh Valley - June 22-23
Central Jersey Invitational - July 13-14
Pocono Cup - July 20-21

Cost:  $450 Per Player

Interested in trying out? Contact us:


Registration to participate:

Account Link:

Match Fit Academy Tournament Fee & Supplemental Programming

Setting up a new account

If you currently do not have one of the above accounts setup, below are instructions to do so. Be sure to access via the links above in order to set up a new account.

Here are your steps to setting up your Blue Sombrero account and making your payments for events.

1. Visit the Blue Sombrero link to register (noted above)

**Upper right hand corner is REGISTER


2. Create a new account will appear, please create your account

**If you have previously used Blue Sombrero you must still create a new account


3. You will then enter in Parent information


4. A screen will appear “What best describes you?”

Select “I am a parent or guardian registering a participant”


5. Enter in your child’s information (key is date of birth as you will then receive the correct registration programs available to them)


6. You will then be taken to the available programs for your child. Programs show by age group, not by team, always confirm with your staff coach on appropriate programs to register for.