Match Fit Academy High School Camp

The perfect pre-season tune up for your school team!

Work with Match Fit Academy coaching staff to prepare your team for the upcoming high school season. 

The aim of the camp is to develop technical and tactical elements of the game to foster the growth of players prior to the start of the high school season. Match Fit Academy (MFA) trainers will focus on the following areas regarding offensive and defensive philosophies aimed at the high school competition level. Varsity coaches can communicate with MFA trainers to plan specific or additional areas listed below:


  • Dribbling & Footwork
  • Passing, Receiving, & First Touch
  • Shooting & Finishing
  • Goalkeeping


  • Possession & 1 vs. 1 Strategies
  • Attacking & Defending Principals
  • Psychological:
  • Confidence & Team Bonding


Speed, Agility, & Conditioning

For more information, please download our flyer: MFA High School Camp, or contact James -