Match Fit Boys Alumni

Match Fit Academy FC staff members over the years have been regarded as role models for youth development and we intend to set the highest possible standards in pursuit of excellence. Each of the following individuals listed below are those who have trained with or played for a member of the Match Fit Academy Staff and have gone on to various successes in professional, international, and collegiate athletics.


Class of 2022 (TO DATE)

Myles Ryan - Franklin & Marshall College (D3)


Class of 2021 (TO DATE)

Tomas Hut - Army West Point (D1)

Jack Longo - Bryant University (D1)

Dylan Schulman - Carnegie Mellon (D3)

Sebastian Rosica - Eastern University (D3)

Nolan Beiter - Elizabethtown College (D3)

Nick Petruso - Franklin & Marshall College (D3)

Justin Ruiz - Georgian Court (D2)

AJ Gramlich - Immaculata University (D3)

Jonathan Olaleye -  Immaculata University (D3)

Oliver Wilkins - Immaculata University (D3)

Andre Shelton - Iona College (D1)

Tabi Essa - Kean University (D3)

Charlie Revy - Montclair State University (D3)

Christian Bernal - Montclair State University (D3)

Ian Chesney - Montclair State University (D3)

Griffin Reda - Moravian College (D3)

Colin Plunkett - Penn State Berks (D3)

Dylan Kotch - Rider University (D1)

Jeremy Gonzalez - St. Peter's University (D1)

Daniel Grund - The College of New Jersey (D3)

Aiden Normand - Union College (D3)

Alex Donahue - University of Rochester (D3)

Soren Tollis - Wesleyan University (D3)


Class of 2020 

Allan Gomez - Arcadia University (D3)

Brett Hintz - Arcadia University (D3)

Luis Paul - Bryant University (D1)

Max Shushkovsky - Carnegie Mellon University (D3)

Noah Santifort - Dickinson College (D3)

Christian Tyson - Drew University (D3)

Michael Anello - Drew University (D3)

Matthew Foxworth - Eastern University (D3)

Connor Anderko - Franklin & Marshall College (D3)

Ousmane Gueye - High Point University (D1)

Justin Brunow - LaSalle University (D1)

Vincent Colon - LaSalle University (D1)

Michael Casper - Montclair State University (D3)

Peter Angelucci - Moravian College (D3)

Tyler Weimert - Penn College of Technology (D3)

Chazz Jones - Randolph-Macon College (D3)

Eli Bacus - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (D3)

Jackson Monahan - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (D3)

Patrick Luckie - Rider University (D1)

George "Hayden" Louis Ferdinand III - Rutgers University - Camden (D3)

Ian Albuquerque - Seton Hall University (D1)

Ben Wilcox - Sewanee University (D3)

Joseph Geary - Skidmore College (D3)

Jack Blumberg - St. John's University (D1)

Gibson Campbell - Tufts University (D3)

Max Shubert - University of Rochester (D3)

Joseph Costa - University of Scranton (D3)

Jake Salas - Vassar College (D3)

Evan O'Brien - Wesleyan University (D3)

Kyle Grehan - William Paterson University (D3)


Class of 2019:

Ryan Grund - Babson College (D3)

Alex Quezada - Bentley University (D2)

Christopher Masur - Bucknell University (D1)

Hunter Martinez - Cairn University (D3)

Sam Maidenberg - Connecticut College (D3)

Nigel Woodroffe - Dickinson College (D3)

Chris Scariano - Drew University (D3)

Joey Lozowski - Fairfiled University (D1)

Riley Powers - Farleigh Dickinson University-Florham (D3)

Brandon Raudenbush - Gettysburg College (D3)

Tai Tatum - Harvard University (Academic)

Brendan Kerins - Kean University (D3)

Elijah Moore McGuinness - Kean University (D3)

Elijah Smarr - McDaniel College (D3)

Christopher Salisbury - Marywood University (D3)

Justin Goldberg - Montclair State University (D3)

Jonathan Caputo - Montclair State University (D3)

Max Lee - New York University (Academic)

Timmy Coe - Penn State University (Academic)

Andrew Greitz - Ramapo College (D3)

Anthony Ivanov - Randolph-Macon College (D3)

Randy Dickersbach - Rochester Institute of Technology (D3)

Joseph Figueiredo - Rutgers University- Newark (D3)

George Fotiou - Salisbury University (D3)

John Reichert - Salve Regina University (D3)

Timothy McNamara  - Shippensburg University (D2)

Sean Finneyfrock - St. Johhn's University (D1)

Justin Cross – Stevens Institute of Technology (D3)

Kristian Slaby - Stevenson University (D3)

Gavin Grecsek - The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) (D3)

Wesley Leggett - University of Connecticut (UCONN) (D1)

Mac Farrell - Washington University in St. Louis (D3)

Jack Callan - Washington & Lee University (D3)

Mason Davisson - Wesleyan University (D3)

Nicolas Herrerias - University of Pennsylvania (Academic)

David Moreira - William Patterson University (D3)


Class of 2018 :

Collin Day - Arcadia University (D3)

CJ Uche - Bucknell University (D1)

Brendan Eagen - Catholic University (D3)

Trevor Zabilowicz - California University of Pennsylvania (D2)

Michael Campbell - Drexel University (D1)

Donovan Davis - Elon University (D1)

Jack Dugan - James Madison University (D1)

Michael Findlay - LaSalle University (D1)

Sam DeCencio – LaSalle University (D1)

Ramesess Moore McGuiness - Kean University (D3)

Aram Aghababian - Marywood University (D3)

Nicholas Cruz - Rutgers University (D1)

Gordon Glenn - St. Bonaventure (D1)

Luke Hansen - St. John's University (D1)

Connor Sweeney - St. John's University (D1)

Cole Reardon - St. John's University (D1)

Ethan Shaw - St. John's University (D1)

Christian Contreras - Temple University (D1)

Ian Calcaterra - William Patterson University (D3)

David Philbin – University of Pennsylvania (D1)

George Gosden - York University Toronto (Canada)

Mac Naggar - FAB Academy (England)

Paul Lewis - FAB Academy (England)

Alex Peeters - Concordia University (Canada)



Class of 2017:

Matt Thorsheim – Bucknell University (D1)

Abdulmalik "Lalou" Daranijo – Drexel University (D1)

Anthony Amore – Drexel University (D1)

Nicholas Calabrese– Fairfield University (D1)

Scott Weigel - High Point University (D1)

Martin Ssessanga – Lafayette College (D1)

Brendan Mulligan – Lafayette College (D1)

Aedan Boriotti - Rutgers University (D1)

Chris Hawkins – Rutgers University (D1)

Sean Dailey– Rutgers University (D1)

Grant Conaghan - Rutgers University (D1)

Azad Aghababian - Rutgers University - Camden (D3)

Vincenzo Pugliese – St. John’s University (D1)

Akul Agarwal – Stevens Institute of Technology (D3)

Carson Greengrove – Stevens Institute of Technology (D3)

Miles Franklyn– Syracuse University (D1)

Dylan McDonald– Syracuse University (D1)

Alexander Ratzan - Tufts University (D3)

Garrett Cronin– University of Rhode Island (D1)

Spencer Patton – University of Virginia (D1)

Adedeji “DJ” Palmer – Yale University (D1)


Class of 2016:

Daniel "Jake" Leahey – Syracuse University (D1)

Khedive McIntosh – Syracuse University (D1)

Daniel Hallowell – Bucknell University (D1)

Josh Salkin – University of Vermont (D1)

Kyle Adams – Fairfield University (D1)

Thomas Lozowski – Fairfield Univeristy (D1)

Alexander Fernandez - Rutgers University (D1)

Phillip Martin - California Polytechnic State University (D1)

Colin Yeiter – William Patterson University (D3)

Joseph Lettera – William Patterson University (D3)

Harrison Wenzel – Union College (NY) (D3)

Parker Hughes – Emerson College (D3)

Alec Mapoy – Lock Haven University (D2)

Shawn Speidel – Lock Haven University (D2)

Matt Ellingworth – Susquehanna University (D3)

Brant Reymann – Rochester Institute of Technology (D3)

Joshua Dawicki – Rosemont College (D3)

Marvin Velez  - William Patterson University (D3)

Class of 2015:

Chase Covello – Monmouth University (D1)
Robert Gillin – University of Delaware (D1)
Zachary Golden – Clarkson University (D3)
Zachary Pereira – Monmouth University (D1)
Colin Panarra – St Johns University (D1)
Brandon Sabinsky – Seton Hall University (D1)
Brian Shushkovsky – Rutgers University (D1)
Daniel Hampton – Princeton University (D1)
Marco Pinheiro – Washington University (St. Louis) (D3)
Alexander Kaczynski – Rutgers University (D1)

Class of 2014:

Zach Adler – Columbia University (D1)
Jake Connors – Rowan University (D1)
Tyler Dickson – University of Rhode Island (D1)
Tarek Fayed – Temple University (D1)
Kevin Halliday – Tufts University (D3)
Sang Lee – Rutgers University (D1)
Bradly Maine – Rutgers Camden University (D3)
Malcolm Mohrmann – Stetson University (D1)
Charlie Reed – Fairfield University  (D1)

Nick Sica – Long Island University (D1)
Tyler Stowell – Virginia Commonwealth University (D3)
Coby Breen – Fairleigh Dickinson University (D1)

Class of 2013:

Dave Grezcek – Rutgers University (D1)
Zach Bialik – Rutgers University (D1)
Jake Heroux – Loyola (MD) (D1)
Aaron Potter – Iona College (D1)
Chris Stragapede – St Peters University (D1)
Miles McLearn – George Washington University (D1)
Jacob Schenk – United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) (D1)
Nick Williams – West Point (Army) (D1)
Ryan Scheiderman – Quinnipiac University (D1)
Andrew Bell – Muhlenberg College (D3)
Patrick Bell – Muhlenberg College (D3)
Andrew Weber – Rutgers University (D1)
Nick Politan – Washington University (St Louis) (D3)
Brendan Wishard – Stockton College (D3)
Rob Brandell – St Lawrence University (D3)
Zach Reed – Marist College (D1)
Drew Rosenberg – Northwestern University (D1)
Sean Etheridge – The College of NJ (D3)
Dylan Smith – Shippinsberg (D2)
Danny Herrera – Arcadia University (D3)
Michael Tringali – Stevenson University (D3)
Josel Mateo – Arcadia University (D3)
Colin Covello – St Peters University (D1)
Santiago Mateus – St Peters University (D1)

Class of 2012: 

Jameson Lochhead - Brown Univ (D-1)
Tanner Sica - Long Island Univ (D-1)
Rob Soto - Long Island Univ (D-1)
Tommy Haskel - Amherst College (D-3)
Jake Schreer - Dickinson College (D-3)
Kevin Tejada - Bryant Univ (D-1)
Rui Pinherio - Tufts Univ (D-3)
Tyler Morris – Rider University (D-1)
Olisa Eze – Rutgers University (D-1)
Ben Keane – University of Cincinnati (D-1)
Nick DeGuines – Franklin and Marshall (D-3)
Brendan Guzman – Montclair State University (D-3)
Dane Lamendola – Bates College (D-3)
Dan McMillan – The College of NJ (D-3)
Matt Deziel – Montclair State University (D-3)
Sam Katz – Montclair State University (D-3)
Patrick Edmonds - Scranton (D-3)
Jamal Vinson- Sacred Heart (D-1)
Dan Cartwright - Ursinas (D-3)
Matthew Steinberg Franklin and Marshall (D-3)
Stephen Cocuzza - FDU Madison (D-3)
Zach Bower – FDU Madison (D-3)
Mark Yearick - Gettysburg (D-3)
June Ombwayo - Rutgers Camden (D-3)
Chris Aristizabal - Elmira College (D-3)

Class of 2011:

Timmy Ballard, Middletown, NJ - Monmouth University (D-1)

Raf Braga, Union, NJ - St Peter’s College (D-1)

JP Correa, Montville, NJ - Rutgers University (D-1)

Patrick Dawidczyk, Bayonne, NJ - Rutgers Newark (D-3)

Conor Doherty, Howell, NJ - Lenoir-Rhyne University (D-2)

Giovanni Esposito, River Vale, NJ - Iona College (D-1)

Zach Friedenreich, Edison, NJ - Quinnipiac University (D-1)

Joseph Greenspan, Westfield, NJ - US Naval Academy (D-1)

Evan Heroux, Westfield, NJ - Colgate University (D-1)

Adam Jacob, Branchburg, NJ - Tufts University (D-3)

Matt Lopuski, Montville, NJ - William Paterson University (D-3)

Dan Marino, Holmdel, NJ - NYU (D-3)

Sidney Rivera, Hampton, NJ - Old Dominion University (D-1)

Rob Sena, Lebanon, NJ - University of Massachusetts - Amherst (D-1)

Matt Stith, Montclair, NJ - Syracuse University (D-1)

Ryan Wagner, Monroe Township, NJ - Northeastern University (D-1)

Zach Zagorski, Westfield, NJ - Cornell University (D-1)

Amine Zaouia, Kearny, NJ - Rutgers University (D-1)

Class of 2010:

John Boylan, Hazlet, NJ, Susquehanna University (D3)
Tim Brennan, Spring Lake Heights, NJ, Saint Michael’s College (D2)
Kevin Cameron, New Brunswick, NJ, Rutgers-Newark (D3)
Rob Crowley, Chadds Ford, PA, Rollins College (D2)
Kene Eze, Sayreville, NJ, Syracuse Univeristy (D1)
Andrew Fijan, West Chester, PA, MIT (D3)
Stephen Krachie, Marlboro, NJ, Syracuse University (D1)
Marcus Hackett, Montclair, NJ, Manhattan College (D1)
Mike Lowe, Wilmington, DE, West Virginia University (D1)
Dante Marini, Chadds Ford, PA, Northeastern University (D1)
Bryan Meza, Union, NJ, Rutgers-Newark (D3)
John McCarthy, Cinnaminison, NJ, La Salle University (D1)
Shane Powell, Wilmington, DE, Providence College (D1)
Julien Riker, Montclair, NJ, University of Massachusetts (D1)
Liam Sole, Rahway, NJ, Rutgers University (D1)
Mike Stalker, Wall, NJ, Fordham University (D1)
Todd Webb, Toms River, NJ, Rutgers University (D1)

Class of 2009



Adrian Alexis - South Orange, NJ - Southern Vermont College (D-3)

Josh Brown - Somerset, NJ - Lafayette College (D-1)

Brendan Burgdorf - Westfield, NJ - Bucknell University (D-1)

Aditya Chabra - North Brunswick, NJ - Northeastern University (D-1)

David Chessen - Edison, NJ - Springfield College (D-3)

Ryan Clark - Freehold, NJ - Monmouth University (D-1)
Greg DiGiovine - Cranford, NJ - Quinnipiac University (D-1)

Matt Falk - Lebanon, NJ - Rollins College (D-2)

Mike Irving - Westfield, NJ - Franklin & Marshall College (D-3)

Joe Keegan  Glassboro, NJ - Rider University (D-1)

Brendan Noesges - Freehold, NJ - Rider University (D-1)

Wes Ostrzycki - Edison, NJ - Monmouth University (D-1)

Grant Palmer - South Orange, NJ - Syracuse University (D-1)
Matt Parrella - North Brunswick, NJ - Rider University (D-1)
Josh Plump - Millburn, NJ - Bucknell University (D-1)
Sean Tyree - South Brunswick, NJ - Montclair State (D-3)
Alexander Wimmer - Newtown, PA - Ohio State (D-1)

Class of 2008

Christos Agrapidis - Robert Allen - Monmouth University (D-1)
Kyle "KB" Bethel - Duke University (D-1)
Evan Brandsdorfer - University of North Florida (D-1)
Luke Calvano - Lafayette College (D-1)
Armah Giabiase > St. Joseph’s University (D-1)
Eric Golden - Brandeis University (D-3)
Max Hamilton - Monmouth University (D-1)
Kyle Hazard - Chris Kozak - Rider University (D-1)
Sal Lubrano - Rider University (D-1)
Alex Morgans - Rutgers University (D-1)
Ray Nelan - The College of New Jersey (D-3)
Casey O’Brien - Coastal Carolina University (D-1)
Chris Pimentel - Rider University (D-1)
Allen-Wesley Powell - US Naval Academy (D-1)
Michael Roura - Old Dominion University (D-1)
Billy Schuler - University of North Carolina (D-1)
Andrew Smith - Old Dominion University (D-1)
Martin Stern, Jr. - Rutgers University (D-1)
Frank Tweneboa - William Paterson University (D-3)
Alex Titus - University of Virginia (D-1)
Matt Welna - Rider University (D-1)
Brandon Zeller - Coastal Carolina University (D-1)

Class of 2007

Joseph Aletta - New York University (D-3)
Austin Alvarado - University of Tampa (D-2)
Christopher Christian - Villanova University (D-1)
Vincent Clark - Fordham University (D-1)
Zach Collins - Hartford University (D-1)
Philip Cuhna - The College of New Jersey (D-3)
Tim Kianka - Syracuse University (D-1)
Evan Kleinberg - Johns Hopkins University (D-3)
Michael Krol - Montclair State University (D-3)
Michael Lisuzzo - Bucknell University (D-1)
Colly Muwalo - Goldy-Beacom College (D-3)
Laz Oseni - College of William and Mary (D-1)
Thomas Parkinson - Dickinson College (D-3)
Robert Quelch - West Virginia University (D-1)
Matthew Southgate - Mercer County Community College (JUCO D-1)
David Stone - Philadelphia University (D-1)
Sean Torney - Villanove University (D-1)
Austin Woolridge - Wesleyan University, CT (D-3)
Albert Zheng - Penn State University (D-1)

Class of 2006

Asante Brooks - Wesleyan University, CT (D-3)
Scott Cameron - Marist College (D-1)
Marco Ciklic - Seton Hall University (D-1)
Adam Dorflinger - The College of New Jersey (D-3)
Thomas Dunn - Rider University (D-1)
James Gannon - Manhattan College (D-1)
Brian Grimm - Harvard University (D-1)
Kyle Grzeszczak -
Matt Gullace - Monmouth University (D-1)
Ben Harms - Princeton University (D-1)
Zach Howes - Lafayette College (D-1)
Zach Johnson - West Virginia University (D-1)
Justin Kahle - Providence College (D-1)
Sean King - Bucknell University (D-1)
Jamal Neptune - Hofstra University (D-1)
Hiroyuki Sato - University of Chicago (D-3)
Pat Tolomeo - Rutgers University (D-1)
Dan Toomey - Rider University (D-1)

Class of 2005

Luis Andre - Marist College (D-1)
Phil Blake - Gardner-Wwebb University (D-1)
Owen Castle - Rider University (D-1)
Matt Cully - Richmond University (D-1)
David Hering - West Virginia University (D-1)
Jara Habib - St. John’s University (D-1)
Kevin Lydic - LaSalle University (D-1)
Awel Mohammed - Mercer County Community College (JUCO D-1)
Eric Osman - William Paterson University (D-3)
Gary Racich - East Carolina University (D-1)
Doug Rodkey - University of Maryland (D-1)
Alex Russo - Bucknell University (D-1)
Dan Shemanski - Manhattan College (D-1)
Norbert Sieczkowski - College of Holy Cross (D-1)
Scott Tarazona - St. Peter’s College (D-1)
Anthony Testa - Ramapo College (D-3)

Class of 2004

Robert Blake - Iona College (D-1)
Philip Francois - Lynchburg College (D-1)
Justin McGrath - Seton Hall University (D-1)
Kevin O’Connor - Rutgers University (D-1)
Zach Simi - Rutgers University (D-1)

Class of 2003

Marc Bernstein - Rider University (D-1)
Shawn Caltagirone - William Paterson University (D-3)
Sean Cameron - University of Connecticut (D-1)
Daniel Cartegena - FDU-Teaneck (D-1)
Jono Chanin - Columbia University (D-1)
David Chase - Providence College (D-1)
Justin Chelland - Loyola College (D-1)
Adam Ciklic - Saint Peter’s College (D-1) NSCAA/adidas All-Region II Team
Chris Ghobane - Stockton College (D-3)
Tim Giacobbe - Rutgers University @ Camden (D-3)
Matt Gilbert - Seton Hall University (D-1)
Donnie Giovacchini - George Washington University (D-1)
Jay Hooper - William Paterson University (D-3)
Nick Labrocca - Rutgers University (D-1)
Josh Lenoff - SUNY @ Albany (D-1)
Daniel Miller - Duke University (D-1), Gatorade Player of the Year (NJ), McDonald’s All-American ,NSCAA/adidas All-American, NSCAA/adidas High School State Player of the Year, NSCAA/adidas All-Region II Team
Anthony Molinaro - University of Delaware (D-1)
Daniel Riverso - Rider University (D-1)
Marcelo Rodriguez - Villanova University (D-1) NSCAA/adidas All-American, NJ Star Ledger Player of the Year
Zwa "Max" Soungfan - Rowan University (D-3) NSCAA/adidas All-Region II Team
Adam Sternberger - Rutgers University (D-1)
Joseph K. Tuttle - Cornell University (D-1)  

Class of 2002

Manny Albuquerue - Loyola College (D-1)
Stephen Berei - Carnegie-Mellon (D-1)
Eric Feuchtbaum - Brown University (D-1)
Kyle Frankoski - Monmouth University (D-1)
Greg Galemore - SUNY @ Buffalo (D-1)
Manbaj Gill - Johns Hopkins University (D-3)
Alex Glotis - Marist College (D-1)
Robert Johnson - Hampden-Sydney (D-3)
Ashley Kramer - NSCAA All-America, Loyola College (D-1)
Chris Lancos - U18 & U20 US National Team, University of Maryland (D-1), FC Kaiserslautern (Germany)
Paul Marian - University of Delaware (D-1)
Keith Ritchings - Rutgers University (D-1)
Charlie Rowan - NJ Player of the Year, McDonald’s All-American, NSCAA All-American, Villanova University (D-1)
Yaron Shlomi - Rutgers University (D-1)
Robert Szymanik - St. John’s University (D-1)
Chris Tansey - Georgetown University (D-1)
Scott Visnic - Bucknell University (D-1)
Adam Williamson - Lehigh University (D-1), New England Revolution (MLS)
Hiro Yamazaki - St. Joseph’s University (D-1)  

Class of 2001

Gabe Bernstein - Penn State University (D-1), North Jersey Imperials (PDL) , Charleston Battery (USL 1st Division)
Joe Coyle - University of Connecticut (D-1)
Purnell Cropper - St. Lawrence University (D-1)
Sandro DeCrisofaro - Rider University (D-1)
Elio DeFrancesco - Monmouth University (D-1)
Pat Haggerty - Boston College (D-1)
Zack Haigney - Boston College (D-1)
Kevin Hartwyk - Monmouth University (D-1)
Wesley Kirk - 2000 US National Team, University of Maryland (D-1)
Stephen Kroculick - University of Pennsylvania (D-1)
Chris Leahey - Rider University (D-1)
Brad Lowyns - North Jersey Imperials (PDL), Tulsa University (D-1)
Ryan Moate - West Virginia University (D-1)
Casey Madigan - Long Island University (D-1)
Scott Palguta - Rochester Rhinos (USL 1st Division), Cornell University (D-1)
Peter Pryzbylkowski - Franklin & Marshall University (D-1)
Chris Rizzalo - Seton Hall University (D-1)
Arthur Satterwhite - Monmouth University (D-1)
Anthony Schiavino - Rutgers University (D-1)
Chad Severs - Penn State University (D-1), Harrisburg (USL 2nd Division), Rochester Rhinos (USL 1st Division)

Additional Alumni:
Miguel Abreu - Loyola College (Md.) (D-I)
Jeff Adams - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Rider University (D-I)
Miguel Aguilera - Mercer County Community College (JUCO - D-I)
Vincent Almeida - Rutgers University (D-I)
Eugene Alves - MetroStars Reserves & Kean University (D-III)
Luis Arauz - University of Connecticut (D-I)
Kyle Bartlett - College of the Holy Cross (D-I)
Christian Bilong-Sanje - MetroStars (MLS) Reserves, North Jersey Imperials (PDL), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Javier Blanes - North Jersey Imperials (PDL) & Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Justin Bonura - Drew University (D-III)
Ryan Brooks - North Jersey Imperials (PDL) & Saint John’s University (D-I)
Evan Bruno - Long Island Rough Riders (A-League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL), NSCAA Division I 3rd Team All-American & Lehigh University (D-I)
Mario Carriera - Seton Hall University (D-I)
Matt Carillo - Drew University (D-III)
Frank Carniglia - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Matthew Chavlovich - Connecticut Wolves (A-League) & University of Connecticut (D-I)
Michael Checchio - Rutgers University (D-I)
Bobby Cifradello - Montclair State University (D-III)
Chris Cifradello - Montclair State University (D-III)
Jason Corcoran - LaSalle University (D-I)
Jimmy Corcoran - Central Jersey Riptide (D-III Pro) & Villanova University (D-I)
Alexander Cuba - Brooklyn Kinights (PDL), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Duncan Currie - Harvard University (D-I)
Jimmy David - Sport Club Portuguese (Champions League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Kean University (D-III)
Johnny David - G.D. Chaves (Portuguese Second Division), NY/NJ MetroStars (MLS), North Jersey Imperials (PDL), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & FDU-Teaneck (D-I)
Carlos De Brito - Long Island Rough Riders (A-League), New Jersey Stallions (D3 Pro Select) & Marsit College (D-I)
Sandro DeCristofaro - Rider University (D-I)
Mitch Dector - University of Vermont (D-I)
Lawrence Del Priore - Fairleigh Dickinson University (D-I)
Mark Del Priore - Fairleigh Dickinson University (D-I)
Juliano Adriano De Oliveira - North Jersey Imperials (PDL), Loyola College (Md.)(D-I)
Kareem Dick - University of Michigan (Club)
Dylan Dupre - University of California - Berkeley (D-I)
Eugene Ferrara - North Jersey Imperials (PDL), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Fairleigh Dickinson University (D-I)
Jeff Fiorino - Montclair State University (D-III)
David Fox - Hamilton College (D-III)
Jeff Gillie - Princeton University (D-I)
Matthew Giordano - East Stroudsburg University (D-II)
Peter Gonzalez - Seton Hall University (D-I)
Michael Gould - New Jersey Stallions (D3 Pro) & Rutgers University (D-I)
Gregor Grouchulski - Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Daniel Hall - Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Chris Halupka - Princeton University (D-I)
Bryan Patrick Healy - University of Delaware (D-I)
Thomas Hunt - Brooklyn Knights (PDL) & Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Kevin Jackson - Charleston Battery (A-League), Hershey Wildcats (A-League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL), Lehigh University (D-I)
Stan Jarka - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & William Patterson University (D-III)
Kobie Johnson - New Jersey Stallions (D3 Pro Select) & Seton Hall University (D-I)
Shaun Johnson - Kean University (D-III)
Drew Kimm - Villanova University (D-I)
Leidy Klotz - Hershey Wildcats (A-League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL), Lafayette College (D-I)
Adam Koster - Marist College (D-I)
Pawel Krakowiak - Long Island Rough Riders (A-League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL), St. John’s University (D-I)
Wojtek Krakowiak - San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) & Clemson University (D-I)
Stephen Kroculick - University of Pennslyvania (D-I)
Justin Kurland - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & West Virginia University (D-I)
Taffarie Laing - New Jersey Stallions (D3 Pro Select), North Jersey Imperials (PDL), Fairleigh Dickinson University (D-I)
Chris Leahey - Rider University (D-I)
Kyle LeBaron - New Jersey Stallions (D-III Pro) & Monmouth University (D-I)
Craig D. Lindquist - Monmouth University (D-I)
Diego Lopez - American University (D-I)
Mark Lowyns - Boston University (D-I)
Nino Marcantonio - 2000 United States U-20s & American University (D-I)
Geoffrey Marino - Loyola College (Md.) (D-I)
Mark Marino - Loyola College (Md.) (D-I)
Matt Martinka - Bowling Green (D-I)
Reno Mattarazzo - Columbia University (D-I)
Gorgie M’Baye - New York Freedoms (PDL), North Jersey Imperials (PDL) & St. John’s University (D-I), Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Harold McConnell - Roanaoke College (D-III)
Michael Milberger - Lafayette College (D-I)
Chris Morman - Tennesee Rythm (A-League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL), University of South Carolina (D-I)
Chris Mueller - Drew University (D-III)
Steve Murk - Marist College (D-I)
Marcio Oliveira - Kean University (D-III)
Carlos Parra - 2000 United States U-18s
Daniel Perciballi - Lehigh University (D-I)
Clayton Petty - North Jersey Imperials (USISL) & Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
William Petty Jr. - William Paterson University (D-III)
Brian Piesner - Atlanta Silverbacks (A-League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL), Rutgers University (D-I)
Chris Quinn - University of South Carolina (D-I)
Geoff Reohm - Middlebury College (D-III)
Maurizio Rocha - Miami Fusion (MLS) & University of Connecticut (D-I)
Adam Rosen - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & American University (D-I)
Peter Scavo - Long Island Rough Riders (A-League), Central Jersey Riptide (PDL), Seton Hall University (D-1)
Kevin Schmidt - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & University of Maryland (D-I)
Greg Serafin - Seton Hall University (D-I)
Patrick Stanco - East Stroudsburg University (D-II)
Robert Stroud - Saint Peter’s College (D-I)
Phil Swenda - Chicago Fire (MLS), Jersey Falcons (PDL), Centra Jersey Riptide (PDL), Seton Hall University (D-I)
Jesse Van Zaun - New England Revolution (MLS) & Saint John’s University (D-I)
Petter Villegas - DC United (MLS), NY/NJ Metrostars (MLS), Kean University (D-III)
LeRoy Watkins - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Northeastern University (D-I)
Robert Wile - Saint John’s University (D-I)
Pat Williams - Notre Dame University (D-I)
Michael Woesser - Drew University (D-III)
Daniel Zauber - Central Jersey Riptide (PDL) & Princeton University (D-I)